Captain Sandy of “Below Deck” Makes Waves at the Southampton Boat Show

Captain Sandy Yawn the beloved figure from the Bravo’s hit reality TV series “Below Deck” appeared on the Foredeck stage at the Southampton Boat Show to be greeted by crowds of fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the maritime maven and hear about her experiences on the high seas.

During her appearance Captain Sandy took the time to share some of her insights into the world of luxury yachting offering a glimpse into the challenges and rewards of managing extravagant charters .

As fans of the show we were extremely lucky to meet Captain Sandy and it was an exciting opportunity to get a copy of her latest book “Be the Calm or Be the Storm” signed by Captain Sandy,  for our daughter currently training for a career in yachting.

Captain Sandy’s visit was the highlight of our visit and her presence added a touch of celebrity glamour to the day reminding everyone that the allure of life on the high seas is alive and well, both on television and in reality.



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